Peoples’ Initiative for Responsible Management of Water Resources at Kudadodanathathawa

Project Aims

  1. To strengthen the capacity of the community individually and collectively to protect local water cycle in the Kudadodanathathawa village.
  2. To introduce participatory water management system with Climate Resilient Smart Agriculture and skills for alternative income generating activities.
  3. To promote engagement of women and school children as lead players in protecting water resources
  4. To facilitate establishing and maintaining a tree cover with indigenous tree species and soil conservation measures

Expected results/outcomes:

  1. Well-functioning Water Resource Protection Society taking leadership to plan and implement.
  2. Improved water cycle  in Kudadodanathathawa
  3. Men and women practicing Climate Smart agriculture and alternative livelihoods less vulnerable to impacts of climate change.
  4. Village land with tree cover and less soil erosion
  5. Women and children actively participating in water and soil conservation measures

Principal activities carried out within the framework of the project:

The activities include, (1) Establish Water Protection society (2). Provide training on organizational management and climate resilient livelihoods (3.) Establish a tree cover in sensitive locations with soil conservation measures. Details in page 13

Project partners:

  • Divisional Secretariat – Nawagathegma, Puttalam District
  • Department of Agrarian Development.
  • Department of Forest Conservation 
  • Grama Niladhari (Village Development Administration Officer)

In addition, other Community Based Organizations (CBO) in the area, such as Farmer Organizations, Rural Water Management Society and similar organizations will be consulted during the implementation.


Return water to the earth to restore the climate

Project Funded by: France Libertés –Danielle Mitterrand Foundation