South Asia Partnership

Sri Lanka

Resilient Communities for Sustainable Development


  • Inclusive and vibrant communities for sustainable development.


  • To enhance the capacities of target communities by providing an enabling environment and mainstreaming them into sustainable development process.


  • Acknowledge and protect SAPSRI identity
  • Acknowledge stakeholders’ self-respect, rights, views, and gender equality concerns
  • Ensure accountability and transparency in governance
  • Demonstrate integrity, openness, and honesty in stewardship of management
  • Foster innovative ways in responding positively to challengesSouth

about sap

South Asia Partnership – Sri Lanka (SAPSRI) is a non-profit development-oriented organisation which focuses on uplifting the lives of vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka. SAPSRI is committed to promoting a holistic approach to development through the creation of a just and equitable society by building the capacities of citizens and civil society organisations to be self-reliant and active partners in development.

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