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Training Manual in Citizenship and Good Governance

 Author: South Asia Partnership  Category: Good Governors  :  Language: English

This manual suggests themes, training methods and activities to facilitators carrying out governance training programmes, giving a foundation in the governance debate and promoting citizenÆs desire and capacity to take an active part in the processes of democracy. The manual is addressed to trainers as a guide in conducting a five-day programme, for groups of 20-25 people, in governance issues. It consists of 14 sessions and applies participatory training methods requiring the participants to analyse situations and express their opinions. The trainers therefore should have special facilitating skills and the ability to synthesise the responses given by participants. The manual addresses the following key issues: the concepts of governance and good governance; the rationale for good governance; how to promote good governance and encourage active citizenship; and the roles of active citizenship and civil society organisations. All sessions are structured and easily accessible, setting out the objectives for trainers and participants, giving indication of the duration of the session, and suggestions for training methods. The session is then explained step by step with suggested timings. The sessions include: citizens and governance; introduction to human rights; civil society; issues faced by citizens; women in governance; overcoming injustices in civil society; active citizenship; civil society organisations; advocacy for civil society organisations; networking; participants as actors; and an evaluation and closing session.