Sustainable Agriculture and Global Exchange Program (SAGE) - 2023/24

Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) USA partnered with
South Asia Partnership – Sri Lanka (SAPSRI) to launch
Sustainable Agriculture and Global Exchange Program (SAGE) – 2023/24 in Asia

Are you a farmer, community leader, activist, or someone looking for opportunities to have practical exposure with ecological farms, sustainable food suppliers, and research centers in the United States?

MESA’s SAGE program provides a great opportunity for farmers and agrologists around the world to promote agroecology by offering vocational training and cultural exchange opportunities in the United States. 

About the SAGE

The Sustainable Agriculture and Global Exchange Program (SAGE) program is designed by the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) with the aim of providing participants with an adequate knowledge of the basic principles and practices relevant to sustainable food and farming practices and to share knowledge with the global community.  

For farmers in the Asian Region, the registration and preparation process for MESA’s SAGE program will be led by  SAPSRI’s SAP-Sustainable Agriculture Program (SSAP). The SAP Sustainable Agriculture Program (SSAP) is the research and development arm of the SAPSRI that promote sustainable agriculture practices and is the authorized Global Partner (GP) of the MESA.

What do you gain by participating in MESA's SAGE program?

Since 1997, MESA has generated contacts and invited more than 260 farms/hosts in the USA to provide training on organic farming, marketing, value-adding, organic research, environmental education, and cooperative organization.

It facilitated 1,500 international agroecology exchanges of experience between producers, researchers, activists, and innovators from 33 countries in the U.S.

The SAGE Exchange program will provide opportunities to work on ecological farms, educational centers and learn about agroecological and organic production; marketing; community education; organic seed production; crop research; and much more.

An opportunity to attend paid internships at private farms, agricultural farms, organic product marketing centers, or educational and research centers in the United States for 12 months (max).

The program will provide a J-1 Exchange Visa to study, train, and develop your skills / practices in the United States.

Participance will offer a benefit package that may include monthly stipend, accommodation, food, transportation, health insurance, vacation and education opportunities, etc.

The Certificate in Global Food Systems and Global Citizenship
(Pre-Qualification Certificate Course, “PQCC”)

For the year 2022/23, SSAP provides a Pre-Qualification Certificate Course in advance for the SAGE Exchange Program in the United States. The Certificate of Food Systems and Global Citizenship (Pre-Qualification Certificate Course – PQCC) will be launched by SSAP in July this year as a mandatory requirement for the above USA exchange program. The Pre-Qualification Certificate Course – PQCC consists of two course modules, namely: 1) Global Food System Certification and 2) Global Citizenship.

The PQCC will be conducted via online to share knowledge between participants, including presentations, discussions, and assignments. The session will be held on every Sunday evenings from 11 June 2023.

Module 01 : Global Food Systems

The Global Food Systems module will provide you knowledge about fundamental theories and practices related to modern and climate smart agriculture.

Module 02 :Global Citizenship

The Global Citizenship Module will strengthen the capabilities of individuals ready to gain professional and labor exchange experience in a variety of cultural fields. It will promote global citizenship as a tool for self-development and contribution to society and will allow to know tools and develop methodologies for optimal performance in a global environment.

Session Hours:
  • 24 Learning hours
  • 12 Sessions
  • Date :
    • Every Sunday from 11- June 2023
  • Sunday 1600-1800 (SL Times)
  • Session Hours:
  • 24 Learning hours
  • 12 Sessions
  • Date :
    • Every Sunday from 11- June 2023
  • Sunday 1800-2030 (SL Times)
  • Objective:
    To provide the participants with sufficient knowledge on the fundamental theories and practices related to sustainable food and farming systems in developed countries and other countries.
    Target Group:
    Anyone wishing to obtain knowledge of sustainable food and farming systems at an international level who meets the entry requirements for the Pre-Qualification Certificate Course.
    ● Pre-Qualification Certificate Course – PQCC : 03 Months
    ● SAGE Exchange Program : 01 Year
    Course Fee:
    USD150 for PQCC
    USD1850 for the SAGE Exchange Program.
    Start date:
    11- June 2023


    Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture

    Implemented & Coordinate by

    South Asia Partnership
    Sri Lanka

    Registration Procedures

    Duly filled online application form should be submitted on or before 04 June 2023. Selected Candidates will be announced on 06 June 2023.

    Pre-Qualification Certificate Course; please follow us on our social networks Instagram, Facebook and your group for applicants; as well as our website, or write to us at
    Qualifications and Requirements:

    Have a university degree/ diploma in Agriculture with experience in the sector OR farmers who are interested in sustainable agriculture practisess.

    Basic specking, reading and writing skills in English.

    Has the ability to pay the cost of the SAGE program (USD1,850), fee of the PQCC (USD150 *) and the cost of applying for a visa and air-tickets to the USA.
    Note* for selected candidates, there will be 15 scholarship positions for the PQCC, which are selected through a pre-selection process.

    Alumni or graduates traveling a second time or graduates of other MESA programs can dispense with the equivalent course they have taken through MESA.

    At the end of the PQCC, participants are equipped with the knowledge to make the most of the international experience they seek to focus on their personal and professional development.

    Once the certified PQCC has been completed, the MESA team will resume the application process and provide the information needed to select suitable candidates for the SAGE Exchange Program, which will commence in 2024 in the USA.

    Information and Remarks
    01. Ensure that you meet all the requirements
    02. Additional Information on SAGE Exchange program in USA
    03. Start your registration process
    Commencement of the Registrations – May 10, 2023
    Closing the application process – June 04, 2023
    Selected Candidates will be informed on June 06, 2023
    04. Participate in the Food Systems and Global Citizenship Certificate Course
    Commencement of the PQCC – 11 June 2023.
    Completion of PQCC – 03 September 2023
    Google Meet and Google Classroom will be used to conduct the sessions and share materials.
    05. Submission of application for the USA internship program
    12 September 2023
    06. Evaluation and Selection of Participants
    01 October 2023
    Receiving Visa – Jan 2024
    07. Commencement of USA Exchange Program
    February 2024