Tank Based Biodiversity Improvement & Protection Project

Project Impact Improvement and protection of a cascade-based tank’s biodiversity inclusive of tank-depend people’s economic and social up upliftment
Project Outcomes 1.   Grown trees & plants with increased density in the tank tree girdle and downstream meadow, facilitated increased flora and fauna habitats

2.  Increased s sustainable food supply from home gardening, inland fishing and bee-keeping with ensured food security

3.   Enhanced knowledge and skills of direct project beneficiaries in organic farming, biodiversity conservation and natural  resource management

Project Period From : 01/06/2014                To: 31/06/2016
Main Sector Biodiversity
Sub Sectors Agriculture, Livelihood development, Education
Size of Project small
Donor Agency Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Execution Organization South Asia Partnership Sri Lanka
Implementation Organization South Asia Partnership Sri Lanka
Project Partners Divisional Secretariat Office –Thirappane

Farmer Federation for the Conservation of Traditional Seeds & Agro Resources

National Aquatic Development Authority

External Monitoring/Knowledge Management Team  Tropical Eco-System Research Network
Area of Project Implementation Alisthana(GN), Thirappane (DS) Anuradhapura District, North Central Province
Allocated budget US$ 44,877.00
Project Director Dr. M U A Tennakoon


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