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Sap Sri is committed to unravel the widespread and generalized problems faced by the grassroot communities and dedicated to solving them as well as direct them to be solved to connected associations. Our goal is to formulate a beneficial and decent phase for the said target public with the coordination of officialdom. To accomplish this, it is essential to follow through a set plan of action to understand and recognise the conditions, environments and manner of living among the marginalized and underprivileged social groups.
Sap Sri believes that merely through giving loans it cannot resolve or eradicate problems faced by certain rural clusters and see speedy or spectacular progress overnight. We believe that side-lined and deprived rural groups should be developed on every facet of life, but it would be measured and time consuming but should be long lasting.
As we have stated earlier, since family as well as communal needs come under different departments, it is impossible for these rural families, who have no stable and proper livelihood and find it a massive fight to make a daily-living, and who also are not educated enough, to approach the administrative system.
Sap Sri aims to cut the red tape which prevents action or decision-making in these departments. As traditional approaches made by the corridors of power have so far failed to uplift the standards expected in all facades of life in these families, Sap Sri has come up with a Village Development Pilot Project after much brainstorming. This will be realised through creating an interconnected environment among all parties concerned. We hope to achieve development goals through the technique of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) which is based on the 4Ps method introducing Participation, Public, Private and People.
Resultantly, we have selected a model village in Rathnapura District, by identifying the dominant problems faced by the people there, to initiate the Village Development Pilot Project plan employing this new method.

Further, this tool, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) will act as a connecting bridge between the villagers and the bureaucracy and formulate an advantageous and a dignified platform for the said target public The ultimate aim of the project is to encourage them to develop life-skills to uplift and elevate their standard of living so that they can live with respect and self-assurance.

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