Empowering the disadvantaged and Marginalized communities

We hope to empower the disadvantaged and Marginalized communities through practicing a Holistic Development Approach Developed by SAPSRI itself. One of the main items of this approach is to create the awareness among the target population about the available services in the public sector for them. On one side the Government allocate Millions and Millions of rupees annually and deploying Hugh number of public officers under 100 odd ministries. Other side target population is waiting for the services. There is a gap in between supply and Demand. The main reason is the lack of proper knowledge about the available services and the procedure to be followed to obtain them. So we decided to publish a document in hard and soft media including
the he services available and the procedures to be followed to obtain these services and to distribute freely. So openly we invite you to send your views and information to be included into this publication.

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South Asia Partnership Sri Lanka
1175/2 Lake Crescent
Kotte Road, Rajagiriya, Colombo, Sri Lanka


General :
+94 11 288 8622
+94 11 287 0704
+94 11 207 3147


+94 11 2073147

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