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Based in SAPSRI’s stunning modern building in central Colombo, the Conference Centre provides everything you need for a successful event. With two rooms – a Conference Hall that seats 60 and a Board Room that seats 25 – it’s the perfect venue for your conference, workshop or meeting. In addition, there are lots of quiet seating areas for small group work and discussions.

We can provide full catering services, and there is a cafeteria area where you can enjoy a relaxed lunch with colleagues and friends.



  • Conference Hall (maximum seating capacity of 60)
  • Board Room (maximum seating capacity of 30)
Hall reservation Charges
Description of Charges Service No. of Days/ Hours  Cost of Units/Hours
Hall No.1- Hall only    + 10% service charge Full day Rs. 10,000.00
full Capacity of 60 people Half day Rs. 8,500.00
Hall No.2- Hall only    + 10% service charge Full day Rs. 7,500.00
 full capacity of 25 -30 people Half day Rs. 5,000.00


Lunch and Refreshment Packages   (without hall charges)
Packages Service Units  Cost of Units/Hours
Package 01 (More than 30 people) inclusive of Buffet lunch/ 2 snacks with Morning & Evening Tea per person, per day Rs. 1,250.00
Package 02 inclusive of packet of special  lunch / 2 sacks with Morning & Evening Tea per person, per day Rs. 850.00
Package 03 inclusive of packet of Ordinary lunch/ 02 snack with Morning & Evening Tea per person, per day Rs. 650.00
Additional Requirements Tea Per Cup Rs. 50.00
Water Bottle Per Bottle Rs. 50.00
Snacks Per item Rs. 60.00




We can provide the following additional resources:

Flip chartsFREE

Resource Charge
Televisions FREE
Cassette recorders FREE
Magi board FREE
Oil lamp FREE
FM Mic/sound system 2,500 LKR per day
Multi media 4,000 LKR per day
Audio facility 1,500 LKR per day
Photo copy/fax emails Nominal charge
Computer hire (with ADSL facility) 1,500 LKR per day/per computer
Laptop 500 LKR per day/per laptop

Please place your booking well ahead of the programme to allow us to make the necessary arrangements and to provide you with the best possible service.


For more information and to book the facilities, please contact Mr Bernard Perera. Tel. 011 2073 147/ 2888622     Fax –011 2073 147   Mobile-0703 303 552   Email –

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