bioBio- diversity loss largely caused due to the on-going climate change and man’s reckless interference with nature in Sri Lanka is a serious threat to man, vegetation and all living beings big and small. South Asia Partnership Sri Lanka as a not-for-profit non-governmental organization working in Sri Lanka over the past 33 years having recognize this impending environmental disaster took a bold step to divert a part of its efforts to seriously consider ways and means of preventing bio-diversity losses.
SAPSRI with the GEF/UNDP financial support commenced a Tank-Based Bio-diversity Enrichment and Protection Project in a cascade-based Alisthana tank and in ita environment on the A-9 road (113 km post) near Thirappane in the Anuradhapura District. It is with pleasure and hope that we announce the encouraging results that we have so far achieved in the project.
Our ultimate aim is to showcase to the world that a bio-diversity enrichment and protections in a tank environment is the corner stone for a cascade-based development of the dry zone making it a wetland for better human sustenance.
The International bio-diversity celebration 0n 22nd May 2015 will undoubtedly gives us a boost for our expected progress in Alisthana.

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    Enjoying reading about your trip bud, hope you’re mnnidig yourself and taking in a bit of culture too! You’ll be home in no time and we’ll be up a few mountains!All the best,John

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