A Dream Come True

Here’s what Raigam Koralage Deepa Chulani Priyangika has to say about SAPSRI LANKA Organization.

“I am R. K. Deepa Chulani Priyangika living at Therunnasegama, Hagala Gramaseva Division, Ambilipitiya Divisional Secretariat, in the Rathnapura District. My husband is Gamage Indunil, and we have four children. I am not very much educated so I didn’t know how to do any job. We worked as labourers around the village. We lived in a tatted and daub (mud) house.

We very much wanted to do some farming of our own and improve our living conditions, but no bank was willing to give us loans, as we didn’t own anything to keep as surety and no one to sign as guarantors.

Four years ago, I became a member of the SAPSRI Nawamini Rural Society. When other people applied for Rs. 50,000/= loans, I applied only for Rs. 10,000/=. I was afraid to apply for it even but was very happy when I was granted the loan. I started a plantation of brinjals in my home garden. It was very successful and at the time it was very profitable because vegetable prices went up. I could send about 10 sacks of brinjals a week to the local fair. We could not believe the surge in our weekly income. I am very proud to say that I paid back that loan in a short time.

Then, I thought to start a banana plantation. I applied for a loan of Rs. 50,000/= and was overjoyed when I was granted that loan as well. I leased one acre of land in the village and started a banana plantation there. My husband and children are my strength. We all worked in the plantation. We didn’t hire anyone else for help.

We harvested the yield and I was very happy. I was able to pay my loan and from the profits I bought a small hand-tractor to take the harvest to the fair. I leased another plot of land and started growing ‘kolikuttu’ a more profitable variety of banana.” She enthuses.

“Earlier on we didn’t have a spraying machine even. At last, I was able to buy all the equipment needed for the plantation, eg: spraying machines for water as well as insecticide and various other necessities much needed in a plantation. Now I am hiring them to other farmers also. I hire even the tractor. We have built a beautiful small house.

“Of my four children the eldest is doing his A/L studies. Other children are studying in grades 8, 4 and 2. We have become a very much needed and sought-after family in the village. We are a happy family now.” She innocently but proudly boasts.

She further adds, “It was all possible because of SAP SRI LANKA. I am eternally grateful to the organization for uplifting and enriching our life by lending a helping hand. I am very thankful to the Field Coordinator of Rathnapura Mr. Wasana Sudesh for opening new avenues to our future.”

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