Previous Projects

Project and description Donor and funding Duration and completion
Small and medium enterprise development Various districts Agriculturaland commercial credit scheme

    1. Microfinance loan administered through CBOs
    2. Entrepreneur development and training in agricultural and commercial ventures
SAPSRIRs. 371,654,730 2004 – present
Kalmunai Tsunami Recovery Project, KalmunaiSustainable livelihoods

    1. 65 houses constructed
    2. 30 toilets constructed
    3. 100 families connceted to safe water supply
    4. CBO formation and microfinance administration
    5. Entrepreneur training
CIDA, IDRFRs. 58,770,834 1-year
project Completed 2009
Community Empowerment Programme, various districtsSustainable rural livelihoods and women’s and children’s rights

    1. Improved education infrastructure
    2. Access to safe drinking water
    3. Income generation education
    4. CBO formtation and peer training
CardinalLeger Foundation Rs. 11,065,154 3 year project completed 2007
Peace and Prosperity Programme, Vavuniya DistrictSupport conflict affected communities to ensure sustainable livelihoods

    1. Community centres and a library
    2. Multicultural centre
    3. Agricultural entrepreneur development and training
    4. Training centre development and expansion
    5. Construction of 4 agro-wells
World AccordCardinal Leger Foundation Children’s Christian Fund of Canada NORAD, AusAID Rs 21,842,540 4 year project completed 2002
Agro Action Agriculture Programme, PuttalamIrrigation and education to dry zone farmers

    1. Training in irrigation and modern farming techniques
German Agro Action 2 year project completed 2002
Community Resettlement Programme, ArugampuleliyaSustainable livelihoods to Internally Displaced People

    1. Resettlement of 50 families
    2. Construction of houses
    3. Safe water access through 13 drinking wells
    4. Construction of 17 agro-wells
    5. 3 community centres
    6. Income generation training
AusAID 2 year project completed 2001
Cluster Development Progamme, various districtsIncome generation and community development

    1. CBO formation
    2. Advocacy and advice training
6 year project completed 1998
Agricultural Development Project Katumuluwa, Kurunegela Water supply and income generation

    1. Desilting and renovation of Wewella Tank
    2. Construction of 2 culverts
    3. Construction of 50 toilets
    4. Education on rural income generation activities
CardinalLeger Foundation Rs. 637,000 2 year project completed 1992
Raja-Ela Community Development and Social Service Trincomalee Health care, sanitation and income generation

    1. Construction of 50 toilets
    2. Health care and income generation eduction programme
    3. Contruction of 5 community wells
    4. Assistance for home gardening
Local donorRs. 448,750 2 year project Completed 1989
Punchiwilaththwa Development and Shramdana Society Puttalam Health care and income generation

    1. 50 brick toilets
    2. Brick making and coir production
    3. Health care and sanitation
Canadian LutheranWorld Relief Rs. 393,275 2 year project Completed 1986
Kekirihena Self-Help Movement, KurunegalaIrrigation

    1. Renovate 3 village tanks
    2. Construction of canal to connect the tanks to a tributary of Deduru-Oya
OXFAMRs. 944,792 3 year project completed 1985